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Your family’s story is important. Let me help you discover those stories.

Whether you need help organizing your own research or would like your family’s story discovered for you, we will learn the details of your ancestors’ lives together through personal, local, and social history – not just dry facts alone!



Learn how Corn & Cotton Genealogy can help you with your family history projects and more. Services include:

Genealogical Services

Research, Analysis, and Document Retrieval to assist you in discovering your family’s story.

Photographic Services

Heritage Photography, Digitization, and Editing to help you save your family photographs.

Presentations & Workshops

Offered for groups interested in learning more about family history – both genealogy and homeschooling.

Writing Services

Create a narrative to tell your family’s story or work with me on a freelance writing project.

Social Media

Social media support and marketing services for societies, heritage organizations, and family history businesses can help you get your organization or product to the people most interested.

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11 November


Mystery Monday: Do You Read Shorthand?

Last week I shared a wedding photo that I inherited from my mother-in-law as part of a large batch of family photographs she was passing on. While we were retrieving them, I got a change to look through and scan some additional photos. In the stacks was a photo of her father with notations in shorthand written by her mother on the back. Our problem? No one in the family reads shorthand!

06 November


Wedding Wednesday: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fishman

I’ve recently been blessed with a large collection of family photos from my mother-in-law. This is one of my favorite photos in the pile. I love looking at the details of her dress, the veil and it’s headband, and the gloves that peek out from behind the bouquet of flowers. The faces in the photo are faces that my husband remembers: his grandparents.

My Story

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My journey into family history started when I was looking for an activity to do with my maternal grandmother, my “Cotton” Granny. Little did I know that she was in the beginning stages of dementia. It not only created memories that I would cherish, but it saved names and places that we may have lost with her a few years later.

The project that started as a time killer in 1999 grew into a life’s passion.

My “Corn” Line from the North is a line that grew up among the cornfields of Ohio and farms of Pennsylvania as well as those who roamed through the beautiful lands of New England.

My “Cotton” Line from the South is a line that was deeply rooted in the cotton fields growing in red Georgia clay and meandered through the south by way of states like South Carolina.

I look forward to discovering your family stories alongside you.

Cortez Bullington Flowers on the family farm
Rebecca, Turner County, Georgia
Photo in possession of Author
All rights Reserved


"Stephanie has been a member of our writing staff for several months now. During those months, she has consistently turned in her articles to me on time. And this girl knows her stuff! Not only is she an expert in the field of genealogy but, as a homeschool mom, she has been able to use that experience to create excellent articles for teaching genealogy to children. "Teaching" is such a generic term - really, it's showing your children how to LIVE genealogy. Each month, she shares a new aspect of genealogy and gives ideas for getting even the youngest of children involved in learning about your family's history. Her articles are always well-edited and leave me very little to do but format them for our website. Stephanie has proven to be a very valuable member of our team and I'm proud and blessed to have her! I would highly recommend her for your genealogy needs."

Heidi Strawser, Homeschool Mosaics

"Working with Stephanie is an editor's dream. Not only is her work on time, but her ideas are fresh and she has a great way of connecting with her audience. Her experience with genealogy and family history clearly show through."

Amy Johnson Crow, MLIS, CG

"Stephanie edited a series of Kids' Genealogy Books for me, "Branching Out: Genealogy Lessons for ...." These books were written with homeschool parents and public school teachers in mind. Stephanie's expertise in the homeschool area not only helped me finish the books with fantastic edits, but also market in this area in which I was unfamiliar. She is reliable, trustworthy, expedient, creative, and always ready for the next challenge. You cannot go wrong hiring Stephanie to write or edit for you. I highly recommend her services."

Jennifer Holik, Generations