13 January


Follow Friday: The Chicago 3

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman community 3 Comments


I am blessed with a great support group this year. I have my local ladies (and gent) that I highlighted in my Follow Friday post The Ohio Contingency. I also have those that I consider dear to me… my Chicago 3. I have no idea why I started calling them this other than, well, they are from Chicago and there are three of them! Without them I would be lost! I’ve mentioned them before, but I really felt like I wanted them to have their own post.


Terri O’Connell (@tracingmyfamily) of Finding Our Ancestors is my geneabuddy for 2012! She’s also my fellow student at the National Institute, the Chicago Travel Examiner columnist, a travel agent, and a wonderful resource for genealogy. Without her encouragement to clarify and state my goals my year would be much more chaotic! Her weekly check-ins keep me going.


Jennifer Holik-Urban (@jencoffeelover) of Generations is an unbelievable force in the genealogy world. She’s taking 2012 by storm! She shares opportunities, encouragement, and information as a blogger, professional genealogist, author, and Chicago Genealogy Examiner. Jen is a dear friend as well as someone who pushes me to be my best and tells me that I can do it!


Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana (@archivalbiz) of Last Leaf on This Branch is my friend, confidant, and cohort. Blogger, professional archivist and genealogist, Kane County History Examiner columnist, and art lover – never a dull post or moment. I’m so excited to see where the year will take her. She writes beautifully, has a passion for documents and photos, and always makes me see my Ohio research in a new light. She’s my genea-WonderTwin.


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  • Jennifer Holik-Urban

    13 January 2012 Reply

    Thanks for talking about the Chicago 3! We love you! I think the four of us are a force to be reckoned with this year. Watch out world!

  • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

    16 January 2012 Reply

    Yes we are! I’m so thankful for our little group. I can’t wait till we get to travel together for conferences. We’ll take towns by storm! ;)

  • Terri OConnell

    16 January 2012 Reply

    I agree with Jen, we ARE a force to be reckoned with! Looking forward to this great year working together on many different things.


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