09 January


Motivation Monday: Follow up for 9 Jan 2012

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman goals, MotivationMonday 6 Comments


Happy Monday!! It’s time to recap where we stand with our goals.

One Bigger Goal: Website Create a new website. This feels like a longer-term goal, but I’m determined to do it in January! While I love certain aspects of the blog I’m not terribly happy with others. My IT hubby has already set up my domain and now it’s time to play with the look and content! (Edited: Earlier I listed the link. Oops – doesn’t work yet! My bad.) My goal is to launch a new version of Corn And Cotton: My Family’s Story by January 31. (Pray for me. lol)

Ok, who was praying?? I’m very excited to say that I have completed one task for the month of January. The new website launched yesterday! I can’t believe that I was able to get it accomplished this early in the month. There are more photos and stories that I would like to add, but those will come in time. I do need to keep promoting it so that people know where to find me. (If you have my old blog set up in your RSS reader such as Google Reader don’t forget to change it to the new site!)

It feels good to get something checked off the list this early in the month. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my genea-girls and genea-boys who support me and encourage me via Facebook, Twitter, and G+.  Thank you. Keep it coming! And remember, we can do it together. (Why do I feel like we should have an official cheer or fight song?)


For those new to our Motivation Monday posts:

  • Jump in anytime and share your goals, your progress, and support each other.
  • The first Monday of each month we’ll outline several goals that we want to accomplish over the next four weeks.
  • We’ll review our progress each month, so if weekly posts aren’t for you, no biggie! Make it work for your schedule.
  • If you like weekly posts, feel free to join us to talk about your progress, your frustrations, your successes… bring it on!

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  • Marian Pierre-Louis

    9 January 2012 Reply

    Congratulations on getting the website going! It’s always nice to have some IT help. That always trips me up when I’m not sure how to do something. Now you can move on to your next goals.

  • Terri OConnell

    9 January 2012 Reply

    The new website is amazing, you guys did a magnificent job, and you finished a very large goal early in the month. Now you have the balance to work on the smaller goals which should seem like nothing after this.

    Great way to start the year off, you are going to knock it out of the park in 2012!

  • Kim von Aspern-Parker

    9 January 2012 Reply

    Looks great. What a great feeling to check off a BIG item on your goal list. Spend at least a few minutes doing the happy dance before you conquer another goal. Good Job.

  • Nancy

    9 January 2012 Reply

    Wow, Stephanie, you were really fast! Congratulations on accomplishing one big (BIG) goal for January! It looks great.

  • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

    10 January 2012 Reply

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so glad that you all found your way here. I’m thankful that we have such a supportive group. Tessa – yes! Let’s make plans for a hangout! I think it would be great.

  • Liz

    13 January 2012 Reply

    Congrats Stephanie!

    I’ve updated my 9 January post with my progress to date. Nothing to check off yet but several things moved along. How are you all handling the follow up? Will it be every Monday? I wasn’t originally going to follow up each week but was surprised by my progress. Over half-way with the stacking!


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