02 January


Motivation Monday: January 2012 Goals

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman goals, MotivationMonday 8 Comments

I can’t believe that it’s already 2012! Genealogy goals will be a big focus for me as I kick it up a notch and (hopefully) take it to the next level. I couldn’t do it without the love and support of my family – both those that I’m related to and those who are my genea-buddies! A big part of this process will be working with my genea-buddy, Terri, of Finding Our Ancestors. We’ll be working on our yearly goals together. Support within in genealogy community is vital.And… this is where YOU come in! Several of us started sharing our goals together in December. We’ll be highlighting our monthly goals on the first Monday of the month as part of the Motivation Meme that is highlighted each week on GeneaBloggers. Friday will be our update day – weekly or monthly, it’s up to you! Link up your blog below if you would like to be a part of our group that supports and encourages each other through comments, tweets, and email. We’d love to have you!And without further pomp and circumstance… my January Goals!

Previous Month in Review:

Yeah, let’s not talk about it. I blogged my original December goals HERE. Unfortunately, the holidays got ahead of me. I didn’t get my scanner moved as planned so I didn’t get my photos scanned. I didn’t get as much done on my courses as I would have liked. I decided instead to visit family and enjoy the holidays. What I did do, however, is talk to my relatives a ton about our ancestors! I’m counting that as a win!

One Small Goal: Writing

I’m really enjoying the new series that I started over at called Monday Memories. I hope to keep this going throughout the year as a way to not only inspire others but also help me in my quest of bringing out the family in my home. My small goal for January is to focus on writing this weekly series. I’d like to have one new Monday Memories article each week of January. This will tie into my writing goal for 2012.

One Bigger Goal: Website

Create a new website. This feels like a longer-term goal, but I’m determined to do it in January! While I love certain aspects of the blog I’m not terribly happy with others. My IT hubby has already set up my domain and now it’s time to play with the look and content! (Edited: Earlier I listed the link. Oops – doesn’t work yet! My bad.) My goal is to launch a new version of Corn And Cotton: My Family’s Story by January 31. (Pray for me. lol)

One Long-Term Goal: Education

Courses must be finished. Prep work must be completed before starting ProGen. I have to get organized. I’m also starting one new course titled, “Grandmothers, Mothers, and Daughters – Tracing Women” through the National Institute of Genealogical Studies. I’m so excited about this class because one of my research goals for 2012 is to trace my great-grandmother Hattie’s family She has several women that I’d like to learn more about, so this is going to be the perfect compliment to my research. Hopefully by moving forward on this course it will help me move forward on my larger research goal.

What are you goals for January? I’d love for you to join us! Need some motivation? Just reach out and read or contact one of the great people who have decided to join us this month. Just click on the “add link” button below!

Happy Ancestor Hunting!

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  • Jen

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >I want to take that NIGS women's class! Guess I need to add that to my future education wish list. Enjoy it! Let me know how it is.

  • Stephanie

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >Definitely! They only offer it every few months so I've been waiting for it. I probably have too big a load for January, but oh well… better too much than too little? (Don't answer that. lol)

  • Jenny Jones

    2 January 2012 Reply


    What a great idea! I seriously needed your jolt of motivation today! Wishing you a happy and productive 2012!

  • Terri O’Connell

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >Love the goals for this month, I agree with Jen the NIGS class sounds great. Let us know how you like it. Will put it on my list for the next time I can afford to take NIGS classes.

  • Margo

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >I have "followed" your blog for a while now, and really enjoyed it. I am not a heavy Facebook user, but I did look up the GeneaMommyblogger group on there because of reading about it on your blog. I am also a SAHM, but, I do not homeschool anymore. Your blog mentions on of your surnames as Byerley in OH. My surname Briley is a variation of that. My Briley's are from NC. They came over soon after the settlement of VA and traveled slowly south over a few generations to NC. There was another Brierly/Byerly/Briley family that traces back to MD soon after the establishment of that colony, and they slowly moved west into KY and OH. My NC ancestors were granted land in TN for fighting in the Revolution, and the VA and MD Briley (Brierly's) were granted land in KY and OH.

    Thanks for the link up! Have a great day!

  • Shelley Bishop

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >That woman's class sounds really interesting, Stephanie. And good luck with creating a website-you'll have to keep us posted. I have some big goals this month too. We'll all have to root for each other!

  • Linda McCauley

    2 January 2012 Reply

    >OK, I'm in with
    my January Goals.

  • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

    8 January 2012 Reply

    I can’t wait to see how everyone is doing! I hope that you’ll all check in on the new site. You’ve been such a great encouragement to me!


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