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Motivation Monday: February 2012 Goals

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman MotivationMonday 4 Comments


The genealogy world has had a great big dose of motivation and education in recent days. Great webinars and online events have been happening in 2012 – including the fantastic streaming video feeds from RootsTech 2012 from last week. (If you missed them you can watch them on the RootsTech website.) The education that I received from my living room will carry me throughout my research for many months (years!) to come.


Continuing on this stream of energy it’s time for…. Motivation Monday!


February will be a big month for me. I’ve just started my coursework as part of ProGen 15 with a great group of people. I’m picking up a few more classes towards my certificate with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. And, it’s time to start prepping for the upcoming conferences and research opportunities! All of this has influenced my goals for the month of February. I’ve decided to change from my “small, medium, large” approach to the format that my geneabuddy, Terri, uses on her blog. I think that this will meet my needs in a much better way.


Research: Analysis
In organizing my files – digital and otherwise – I’ve learned that I have some conflicting information that needs some analysis. After listening to several webinars by Michael John Neill I’ve started creating lists and logs in excel to organize my research. Why is this in the Research category rather than the Organization category when it’s obviously centered around organizing the data that I have? Because it requires analysis which will hopefully lead me to a few brick-wall-busting research opportunities. I’m hoping that this will allow me to locate a few people and get a getter understanding of where I need to head. Without this my research is going to lose a bit of foundation. My long-term goals for the year include applying to a few lineage societies, so this will be crucial to hitting those marks.


Writing: Editing, Articles, and Blogging, Oh My!
February is going to be about routine for me. The idea of hitting a certain goal is good for me initially, however once I complete that goal I tend to become a big ol’ slacker who doesn’t produce the same amount of written words as I did during the challenge. I really want to get into a routine that will allow me to write daily. February will help me get that routine. I’m also working on a fantastic project that I can’t wait to share! If you haven’t been following Jennifer Holik-Urban on social media or through her blog you must. I’m currently editing her upcoming series for children, and it’s a series that is not to be missed!


Organization: Prepare for the Midwest Geneabloggers Meetup
I’m so excited to say that I will be present for the first annual Midwest Geneabloggers Get Together in Fort Wayne, Indiana next month. I spent many hours drooling over the resources that are available at the Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Center. Once the excitement wore off I realized that I have to go in with a plan. Because this is my first research trip to Fort Wayne I’m not going to put too many large expectations on my time. Although I can see the center in a video and peruse the catalog online I’ve decided to simply create a loose research plan. I want to be able to enjoy the resources there. I don’t want to walk away feeling like I didn’t accomplish everything because I have list items that weren’t touched. My small goal for February is to come up with a loose plan for my research in Fort Wayne.

An additional goal for this area will be to have a working list of sessions that I would like to attend at the upcoming OGS and NGS conferences. I know that this will likely change, but if I can get a nice list of ideas gathered then it will help me structure my other learning and research between now and travel time.


Education: ProGen, NIGS, and Ohio History
My focus, as it will be for the next 18 months, is to work on my coursework for ProGen 15 as well as my certificate coursework through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I need to create a schedule that will allow me to work on this material nearly every day. That said, I also have a really large drive at the moment to read up on the history of our state. I also want to read about the social history of specific areas in the state that are special to my family as well as industries with which they were associated. Look for book reviews, interesting links, and more to pop up if I am able to complete this goal! I’m currently reading Abolitionists, Copperheads, and Colonizers in Hudson and the Western Reserve by Mae Pelster. It’s an interesting and quick read. If you have family who were pioneers in the settling of the Western Reserve you’ll want to read this book.


What are your goals for February? Join us, and link up! Help support your fellow genealogists by giving them some encouragement.


For those new to our Motivation Monday posts:

  • Jump in anytime and share your goals, your progress, and support each other.
  • The first Monday of each month we’ll outline several goals that we want to accomplish over the next four weeks.
  • We’ll review our progress each month, so if weekly posts aren’t for you, no biggie! Make it work for your schedule.
  • If you like weekly posts, feel free to join us to talk about your progress, your frustrations, your successes… bring it on! Some of us update on Fridays and others update on Monday.


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  • Jennifer Holik-Urban

    6 February 2012 Reply

    This is going to be a fabulous year for you! And THANK YOU again, and again, and again for editing my kids series. I truly could not publish this without your help!

  • Terri OConnell

    6 February 2012 Reply

    Steph, You can do it! This is going to be a great year for you, I just know it. As each week passes and we make the changes we need to follow up with all of our goals, I realize this, we ARE doing it! No matter how small or large a goal is we are the ones driving through them. Without our chats and and assisting each other, all of my goals for the year would be waiting til Summer to be started. Thanks for giving me the motivation I need to keep moving towards completion.

    As for the Midwest Geneabloggers Meet Up, I also need to create a plan for my research there. I guess that I will do that once I complete me Growly Notes on all of my 2 great grandparents families.

    • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

      7 February 2012 Reply

      I think you are right about that! It is helping because we are seeing what we are accomplishing, and with your support and ideas I know that it will happen. Couldn’t do it without you!!


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