20 February


Motivation Monday: Follow up for 20 February 2012

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman MotivationMonday 2 Comments


Happy Monday! It’s time to give a pat on the back for all that has been accomplished. (Not me, silly! The people who link up! Go visit! Tell them a big, “Way to go!”) If you are new to the Motivation Monday posts on Corn and Cotton: My Family’s Story you can get information at the end of this post. Join us!


I can – nearly successfully – cross one more item off of my list. I’m getting really down to the wire with the February Goals it seems. I have nine days to get my list finished. Can I do it? Well, we’ll see. (Ok – I’ll give it the old college try!)


Here are some updates:


Research Analysis:
I have had a ball looking at some of my research. Unfortunately, I ended up with a lead on a totally different family line than I originally planned. I haven’t made my timeline for my LADD line yet because I got pulled into some exciting research for a few other lines. I’ll update each line in a separate post. If my writing/editing schedule works out this week I’ll have a few more in the pipeline for this week than I did last! I’ve created some spreadsheets to help me organize my research, so performing analysis is much easier as I go along. I function much better this way. Look for a write up sharing how I use my spreadsheets and what the current incarnation looks like.


My focus this month has been editing the new kids’ genealogy series by Jennifer Holik-Urban, though I have added a few posts to the blog that I enjoyed writing. I’m very excited to see what March brings in this area. I may not meet my February goal 100%, but I have really enjoyed the posts and articles that came from it.


I can’t believe that the Midwest Geneabloggers Meetup in Fort Wayne is only a month away! I have my plan of attack formulated. Well, it’s my plan for making the plan of attack, but it counts! My focus this week is going to be looking through the online catalog for the library to see what materials are available for my Georgia lines as well as my Ohio lines. I spent a few minutes last week looking through it, but I admit that it was more of a “kid in a candy story” approach. I did a lot of, “Oh – look at this!” This week I plan on actually writing down the things that I find. I’ll be able to get my research and lists in order in March after I’ve taken the time to get to know the catalog of materials available to me when I visit.


Let me just say… I love ProGen 15! This week will be focused on writing my feedback for others on their own assignments. I’ve posted all of mine, finished my reading, and will prep for our first assignment discussion this weekend. Bring it on! My courses through the National Institute are going well, too. I’m enjoying the Probate Records course that I’m taking now. For some reason it is easier to fly through than I thought initially which has been a very nice surprise! I need to take the time to plan out my next round of classes, though that might be on my March goals list instead of February.


That’s my recap! How are you doing with your goals? Is there anything that I can do to encourage you? If you are just joining us and would like to be part of the gang, check out the very simple notes on our Motivation Monday group below. And don’t forget… Link up your site so others can cheer you on as well!


For those new to our Motivation Monday posts:

  • Jump in anytime and share your goals, your progress, and support each other.
  • The first Monday of each month we’ll outline several goals that we want to accomplish over the next four weeks.
  • We’ll review our progress each month, so if weekly posts aren’t for you, no biggie! Make it work for your schedule.
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  • mitzs

    20 February 2012 Reply

    I would love to see how you use spreadsheets for orginazations. As I take on more & more families I am finding that I get lost. I know I have something but where? :)

    • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

      20 February 2012 Reply

      Definitely! I’m going to write up a few things this week. I’ll add some screenshots of my spreadsheets, too.


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