13 March


When Choices are Difficult: Planning a Conference Schedule

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman community 1 Comment


Picture this: A whirlpool is spinning in the middle of the water. Everything on the edges sits calm and quiet. The middle? It’s crazy.


That’s where I am.


One of my tasks for this week was to narrow down my travel arrangements for the year. I’m the typical 3-year-old…. my eyes are too big for my stomach (or in this case, my wants are too big for my wallet!) How can I possibly keep to a budget when there are just so many choices? Enter the husband with his rational thinking. Unfortunately, I’ve cancelled attending the Ohio Genealogical Society’s annual conference. As much as I’d like to go, the price just wasn’t in the budget. I’m blessed to have a national-level conference packed into a state-level body with OGS. Though I was looking forward to attending for the first time, I’m going to set my sights on attending NGS instead simply because OGS will be here next year. It isn’t often that I’ll have the NGS conference nearly in my backyard so I have to jump on it.  That said, the winners of this year’s whirlpool are:


Midwest Geneabloggers Meetup: Fort Wayne, IN
No, this isn’t a conference, but it is important! It will not only be a chance for me to visit with my friends but it will also be a time of personal research for me. Wait…. that doesn’t sound familiar? You know, research! It’s that thing that we got into the business for but never seem to have time to complete. For ourselves. Ever. :) I’m going with only personal research in hand, and I am looking forward to it! This conference will be one part girls’ weekend, one part networking, and one part research therapy!


National Genealogical Society’s annual conference: Cincinnati, OH
Who can say no to NGS when it comes this close to the hometown? Again, it will be party on the river as I get to spend the week with my friends (ok, genealogists do party. We just party in cemeteries and, in this case, vendor hall booths!) I’m still terribly disorganized when it comes to what tracks or sessions I’ll be attending. I have my eyes on the writing or social history-related sessions first and foremost, but so many are very tempting. I do believe this will be the source of another whirlpool day in the near future. Or, it might just be something that changes on the fly during the conference itself. I’m always a conference planner (but rarely do I stick to the schedule!)


Midwestern Roots Family History and Genealogy Conference: Indianapolis, IN
This was a decision made completely on the fly. I’m attending for the chance to sit in on some world-class sessions on a smaller level. The location, again, worked in my favor. I’m also a sucker for midwestern research topics. I’m looking forward to hearing some wonderful speakers, and the Book Fair has my interest because of the recent project that I was able to complete for Jennifer Holik. It’s a win-win situation. (Did I mention that it will be another girls’ weekend?)


What events are you attending? Will you be at any listed above? Let me know in a comment!


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  • Jennifer Shoer

    13 March 2012 Reply

    We are lucky to have so many choices for building our genealogy skill set!! Sounds like you made some hard but good choices, particularly picking connecting with people and your own research. Let’s not let our families’ histories fall victim to the cobbler’s children’s fate.

    NGS, here we come!!

    Jennifer Shoer recently posted..ProQuest – Not Just for LibrariansMy Profile


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