01 August



  • Devon Lee

    1 August 2012 Reply

    I love the photo. The only negative is that Wordless Wednesday leaves out the story. So what’s the story?

    • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

      1 August 2012 Reply

      I have no idea! I wish that I did! It was taken in Hawaii according to my grandfather’s handwriting. I know that he transferred ships there, so I’m guessing that he and his buddies had leave. He’s holding the girl’s hand, so I’m wondering if that was a friend that he made. ;) I’d love to know more. Unfortunately, he passed several years ago. One of these days I’m going to scan his entire war album and, hopefully, be able to fill in the pieces.

      • Devon Lee

        2 August 2012 Reply

        Darn! I wish there was more you knew rather than things you can pick out. It certainly looks humorous. Too many things to speculate about.


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