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Genealogists Find Ohio Culture and History Through Ohio Memory

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Are you interested in the culture and history of Ohio? Ohio Memory is for you! A collaborative effort between the State Library of Ohio and the Ohio Historical Society, Ohio Memory is a wonderful virtual library containing information on the people and history of our state. And, it’s free! As family historians, we go beyond simply collecting dates and names so that we can share the details of our ancestors’ lives. Ohio Memory can help you do just that.

Camp Chase Memorial c. 1909 / Photo Credit: wikicommons


Learn Ohio Culture and History

Photographs, newspapers, and scans of original documents are all available through Ohio Memory. Ohio Memory’s search function allows you to enter your own search terms or use their browsing feature to discover treasures by location in order to find collections by city or county. Or, search the database for items that may contain your desired surname. Interested in a subject such as Ohio’s role in the abolition movement? By searching on the subject name you will find photos, letters, and meeting minutes describing the efforts made by Ohioans in the fight against slavery.


Short essays on twenty-two topics related to Ohio history are also available at no cost. Understanding the history of topics such as religion, farming and agriculture, and daily life can give valuable insights when researching your ancestors. Knowing the typical migration patterns in the state could help you discover the family that seems to have disappeared after a US Federal Census. Essays such as Military Ohio can help a researcher understand the roles that their ancestors may have taken during a time of war. All of these free resources are easy to locate on the Ohio Memory website.

Contribute for Others

Do you have a special knowledge or interest in an area that would help other researchers? Consider creating your own virtual exhibit! Using the simple online tools provided you can assemble your own virtual museum to share items in the collection in one easy to find location. This would be a great tool to use to share the history of your ancestor’s village or to share your finds with other family members and those researching the same surname or area. Step by step instructions guide you through the process from beginning to end.


Researching other states in the area?

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This article originally appeared as part of my Columbus Genealogy Examiner column on on 9 December 2011.

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  • Mariann Regan

    24 January 2013 Reply

    This sounds like a wonderful place to find first-hand history. Really, to learn how personal history can intersect with history history, or really, the place where genealogy and history meet. (Which is probably everywhere, when you think about it). I never understood how historians and genealogists could be at odds . . . probably an academic, territorial kind of thing. Thanks for telling us about Ohio Memory!


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