11 November


Mystery Monday: Do You Read Shorthand?

By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman Mark, photography No Comments

Last week I shared a wedding photo that I inherited from my mother-in-law as part of a large batch of family photographs she was passing on. While we were retrieving them, I got a change to look through and scan some additional photos. In the stacks was a photo of her father with notations in shorthand written by her mother on the back. Our problem? No one in the family reads shorthand!


Mystery Monday: Shorthand I Corn and Cotton Genealogy


I would love to find out what note her mother wrote about her father. With tongue in cheek I’ve been teasing my husband that we’ll finally decipher the code only to find out that it was a grocery list from the 1940s!


Can you help?

I’ve shared both the front and the back of the photo. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I shared the note in the correct orientation. Do you read shorthand? I’d love your help! If you are able to translate it please contact me. My family would be very thankful for your efforts!


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