06 November


Wedding Wednesday: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fishman

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The Marriage of Louis and Sarah Fishman


I’ve recently been blessed with a large collection of family photos from my mother-in-law. This is one of my favorite photos in the pile. It is a large photo in an awkward size that will require a properly fitted custom frame. I love looking at the details of her dress, the veil and it’s headband, and the gloves that peek out from behind the bouquet of flowers. The faces in the photo are faces that my husband remembers: his grandparents. I wasn’t able to meet them, so I don’t have a personal connection to the faces other than through stories – no memories of my own. However, I’m interested in piecing together their story.

Louis was our immigrant ancestor on that side of the family, and he carried with him a secret. We don’t know how to properly spell his original last name because he chose another. The story goes that Louis took the name of his family – his bride – when he immigrated from, as my father-in-law described, “sometimes Poland and sometimes Russia.” We’re still tracking down the details. As a newlywed myself I remember thinking, “I wonder what my actual surname is now.” One day we’ll have the answers; today just isn’t that day!

I fully admit that I haven’t spent much time on this branch of the family. We know that Sarah Fishman was from Massacheusetts. They married some time before 1924. By the time of the 1940 US Federal Census they were already living in Minnesota. Dates on a family tree sketched out by an older relative suggest that they may have met sometime in the 1910s. For now, the details are few. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to tell a little more about their story. Until then, I’m left to daydream about what these individuals went through to become the bride and groom pictured here.

Remember the awkwardly-sized photograph? I used my Flip-Pal mobile scanner to scan it in pieces and stitch it together into one cohesive image. You can see how I did it in this past blog post: Stitching Large Photos with Flip-Pal.


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