02 August


Putting Family Into Focus (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)

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Focusing on Family: Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

This time of year I’m always brought back to my school days. It doesn’t help that lately my life-long friends have been going through significant changes in their lives. I’ve been reliving the good and the bad, and the days of fall essays with titles like, “Explain what you did over our school break.” What did I do? I found myself focusing on family. However, in the process I found myself placing less focus on genealogy – or, at least publicly. Then it hit me. Maybe not!

31 December


Genealogy Goals for 2013

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Like many, I’m focusing on the excitement and the possibilities that wait in the coming months. From personal to business, opportunities and adventures await. What will be on your list? Here are a few ideas from mine.

09 April


Motivation Monday: April 2012 Goals

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  Oh April… you came on so fast! March was a whirlwind, and as a result I haven’t had a post for a while, and that includes a Motivation Monday post! It’s time to get caught up!   March Wrap Up: I had a great month! From the MidWest Geneabloggers Meetup in Fort Wayne to […]

23 January


Motivation Monday: Follow up for 22 Jan 2012

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  Happy Monday! Or rather, Happy Motivational Monday!   Last week was very productive. I finished my Google for the Wise Genealogist course through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. However, I did not make much progress on this goal:   My additional goal this week is to organize my workspace. A good workspace is […]

30 December


Genealogy Goals for 2012

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One thing that I love about the genealogical community is the support that you find in those near and far. Terri of Finding Our Ancestors and I met because of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. When I was researching the various programs available for those interested in training to become professional genealogists I emailed […]

05 December


Motivation Monday: December’s Goals

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  In an effort to organize my life inside and outside of genealogy (see: Geneamommybloggers: My Version) I’ve determined that public humiliation accountability goes a long way with me. Enter Motivation Monday! My goal is to post a new list of goals on the first Monday of each month. I’ll review my previous goals as […]

19 November


Always the Genealogy Student…

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Warning – this post isn’t about surnames, research, or the documents that I’ve been digging into lately. (Those would be census records by the way.) It is, however, about genealogy… specifically genealogy education. I’ve been thinking a lot about goals this week. I know where I want to be (a certified, working, professional genealogist) and […]

26 October


My 99 Things: My first genealogy meme

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I’ve been enjoying my time in the cyber-genealogical social circles lately! I’m having an amazing time reading through new (to me) blogs, getting to know other NIGS students, and spending some quality twitter time with some great personalities. (Geek-squee! My new favorite saying, but I digress…) What I have not been doing is blogging. Because […]